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E. Converse


E. Converse has practiced a life of creativity and artistic expression. A graduate, with a Bachelor in Anthropology and MA in Human Development, Elizabeth began her creative career in New York City as a writer of fiction and non- fiction for blogs, newspapers, magazines, educational, organizations, theatre and film. She has created and directed diverse organizations including an off off Broadway Theatre and an Independent Film Company.  

Elizabeth has worked in different artistic disciplines; photography, film, writing, and arts education.  Her painting career has come with the job.  She travels extensively and spends many hours observing light, color and form in the natural landscape.

Elizabeth seeks to express the intangible power of direct interaction with the living environment. True to her art, each painting is a place that the artist has visited and sketched or photographed.  When she returns to her studio the paintings are more than renditions of the subject but also convey her experience of the unique qualities of the location.  Her multidisciplinary background has influenced her belief that art-making has deep value as a direct experience.


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