painting and traveling on

Painting and Traveling,  I try to keep house but the former activities seem to outweigh these efforts.  Trying to be loving and patient  and definitely experiencing the range of human emotion,  Mostly the best we do is keep a sense of humor.

Painting  makes me feel passionate about life in indescribable ways.    Feeling  the brush in the hand and the true effort to capture a feeling and portray  part of reality and share it.  The constant challenge of learning to look, to see.  (How much can I see, how well, how to show it to others?) Painting offers and asks me these questions, and more.  

Traveling keeps me humble and pries me open.  There is so much to learn: new cuisines, new arts, new languages, new expressions, new music, new games;.......Inspiring...... the flowers, the trees, the rocks, the seas, the smiles and tears are different, but the same... To try to know a bit of the world; because  I am curious; to meet new people; stay open to new ideas;  to be a part of the human community;   to revere my ancestors


I pray that I remain open and humble.