well here i am

Here I am at a crossroads.  This site will now officially become the professional painting site of the fine art painter e.converse, that's me.  I've been painting madly for over 10 years after a lifetime of being an artist working in a variety of settings, mediums, locations.  Now I am a full time painter.  How strange it sometimes feels to devote myself to entirely to a medium.  And for now, it is almost exclusively acrylic.  People keep looking at me incredulously and saying, I thought they were oils.  No, it's just years of working and studying certain techniques.  I love color and I love paint.  I also love privacy and find it hard to be casual around my painting experience.  I'm easier taking a walk with you or having a cuppa or lunch or having a laugh.  I love what I do.  I have loved it madly for years.  I'm painting a lot of paintings right now.  My studio is getting crowded.  I

I'm also learning how to build on this website.  There is so much hidden here that I look forward to bringing to life.